Tips for Working from Home and Virtual Learning at Home

Working from home and virtual learning from home, at the same can be challenging. There are many ways to work from home and learn, so here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Be Flexible. When possible, organize your work around your family’s needs and your child’s needs. Consider child care during this time. TLC can help support these needs with a full-time, part-time or private educator, based on your schedule. Save high-priority tasks for times when you know you won’t have distractions, and lesser priority for times your child may need assistance. Divide and Conquer with your spouse or significant other so that neither of you burn out managing the same task / role each time. Chaos In House 300x176, TLC Family Care
  2. Define your virtual learning and work-from-home style. Is it comfortable with pjs allowed or do you prefer to get up and dress for the day? Do all tasks need to be checked off or do you go with the flow? Making sure everyone is on the same page will help everyone adjust and meet expectations for the days and weeks ahead.
  3. Expect the Unexpected. Door bells will ring, meetings interrupted, technology won’t cooperate. The washing machine will break, you’ll miss a deadline, and you’ll forget to start dinner. Take a breath. It’s okay. Know that others are going through the same thing you are. This too shall pass. Kids take their cues from those around them. Don’t stress. Manage and move forward.
  4. Be present. Take frequent breaks, even if it’s 5 minutes to step outside, breath the fresh air and center yourself. The same for the kids. No one expects them to sit for hours doing their school work. Encourage outside play, reading, zero technology times. Many school lessons can be done outdoors – take your book outside. Make dinner as a family and it becomes a science lesson. Take a nature walk and it becomes biology.
  5. Communicate. Create an open line of communication with all parties involved. Have weekly family meetings. Discuss what’s coming up and what worked or didn’t work the previous week. Keep a master calendar with important dates, deadlines and notices for everyone to see and refer to as needed.
  6. Encourage independence. Children are capable of so many things. Need a snack?  They don’t need to interrupt you during a meeting. Set an area in the kitchen or pantry with acceptable snack items and let them help themselves. Encourage them to set alarms or timers for projects and free time. Keep books, activities, etc., handy for those times they finish their work and do independent play or activities while you wrap up your work.
  7. Ask for help. Reach out to TLC for child care needs or assistance with private educators, e-learning aides or tutors. Develop relationships with neighbors or school friends that practice the same COVID protocols you and your family do, and offer to support each other when assistance may be needed. Find a virtual support network you can chat with others and share concerns and feedback. We’re all in this together.
  8. Self-Care. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Give yourself and your children a break. Take a day off and be a family – no work, no school work, no technology. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, are eating healthy and getting outside for walks, bike ride, etc.

As everyone is finding their way juggling work, family and virtual learning, we’re all facing doubts and stressors. We will get through this together.


To assist with the current crisis, TLC is temporarily offering FREE MEMBERSHIP and DISCOUNTED AGENCY FEES to all Medical Professionals and First Responders. We know you cannot work at home and want to help you ensure you have solid care arrangements for your loved ones. Call TLC at 314.725.5660 to learn more and get started.

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