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Car Seat Safety Tips for Nannies

Our guest post today comes from Regarding Nannies, a blog founded by three career nannies, and full of useful information and resources. 

As a nanny, you’re not only investing in your childcare career, you’re also investing in the well-being and safety of someone else’s children. Your responsibility is to provide maximum care and the most hazard-free environment, which may include traveling via car.

You may prefer to use your own vehicle for your job because you’re more comfortable and secure driving. But you’ll want to ensure your clients that your car is well-equipped to safely transport children with as minimal risk as possible. Here’s some guidance to follow if you choose to use your personal car to shuttle kids to and fro as a nanny.

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Paying Your Nanny Legally is the Right Thing To Do

Every January, we’re asked by both nannies and parents on how to file taxes as an employee / employer.  A nanny is considered a household employee and should receive a W-2. Many times both nannies and parents find this process confusing. There are some wonderful services out there to help both parties navigate the complicated world of nanny taxes.

Still unsure what you need to do? Our friends at HomeWork Solutions have a wonderful library of resources with all the answers.

Paying Your Nanny Legally is the Right Thing to Do 

Why You Can’t Give Your Nanny a 1099

What to do when you don’t get a W-2

Recovering From a C-Section

Having a C-Section is major surgery and any mom should expect  4-6 weeks of recovery time.  If this is your first or third C-Section it’s best to know what to expect after the surgery.

Most C-Sections require a 4 day stay in the hospital after the delivery. Upon coming home you will be advised not to lift anything heavier than your baby.  You will also be told that you shouldn’t drive or go up and down stairs.  This can be very difficult for moms who live on multi-story homes.  What can a mom do?

Hiring an expect to help you take care of the baby is a great option.  Postpartum Doula’s, a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist  can all help Mom recover and heal from her surgery.


Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula provides support for the mother and the rest of the family. A big part of the Doula’s job is to “mother the mother” and help the new mother recover after birth. The Doula can offer breastfeeding and bottlefeeding support, help establish newborn procedures and routines, along with other infant care needs.  The Doula can also provide some light housekeeping, errand running and meal preparation.

Baby Nurse

Most parents typically use the word “Baby Nurse” to describe around-the-clock infant care assistance. This person is usually not a registered nurse. She is typically a non-medically trained caregiver whose main focus is on the infant. The Baby Nurse has a bed in the room with the baby. She is responsible for feeding, changing, burping, rocking, soothing, and swaddling the new baby. The baby nurse may also assist with the infant’s laundry and bottle washing.

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)

The responsibilities of the NCS include feeding, bathing, changing the infant, washing/cleaning/sterilizing bottles, and initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap and play time. Other responsibilities include advising and providing any requested consultation on infant needs, swaddling, breastfeeding guidance, cord and circumcision care and nursery organization. An NCS can work days, nights or around the clock. The training a NCS receives can vary from more official groups like Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA) to smaller trainings led by individual agencies or no specific training at all. Many NCS have been providing care to new moms for decades! They bring to the family years of practical experience.

All three caregivers offer overnight services. A good night’s sleep is by far the biggest need for parents with an infant! The caregiver typically arrives at 10 pm and stays until 6 or 7 am, allowing parents to sleep and feel well rested for the next day.


For more information, call TLC 305-256-5905 in Florida and 314-725-5660 in St. Louis and ask about Postpartum Doulas, Baby Nurses, and Newborn Care Specialists today. Or, visit our website at

TLC can provide an extra set of loving arms for you and your new baby!






Find Your Rewarding Job as a Nanny

Helping caregivers find rewarding careers as a nanny is such a fulfilling job.  I love being able to match nannies and Saint Louis families looking for childcare.   Today I received this email from a nanny.  It brought a smile to my face on this cold morning!

“I am enjoying Rory and his family. He is almost 15 months already and starting to walk!  In a couple weeks, he will probably be running!

Also, TLC has always been good to me and I would not go through any other nanny agency.   Thanks for always being there to answer questions for me and to help me!

Wishing you and all the staff a Happy New Year!”

We have lots of great jobs for nannies.  Here are some of the many jobs we have open for 2017.

Job 465 in O’Fallon: Infant needs a part-time nanny. Hours are Mon, Tues, Thursday from 7:30am-5:30pm with a salary of $550/wk. This cutie pie needs a nanny to help with general child care that includes changing, feeding, napping and hugs and kisses. There are 3 other siblings that live in the home. They go to school during the day but maybe there for a couple of hours before and after school. You may be asked to take and/or pick up from a practice or before or after school. There is a cat allergy and a peanut allergy in this home.   Some light housekeeping will be requested.  They do have a cleaning service that comes in 1x per week.

Job 453 in South County: Special needs young adult needs assistance in the afternoons from 3:30-6 or 7p.  Pay is $21/hr. Daughter is in her early 20’s but developmentally the age of a 3 or 4 year old. Nanny will help with transportation, personal hygiene, feeding and provide walking assistance. This position requires someone that has experience working with someone with people who have autism. This is a laid back,  family orientated family that is excited to introduce an amazing caregiver/friend to their daughter.

Job 445 in Clayton:  Fun family looking for a nanny Monday and Tuesday from 8a-5p.  Salary is $15-$20/hr. Nanny will watch two kids to start and new baby coming in May. Family believes in a healthy and active lifestyle. They keep TV time to a minimum, believe in a set nap schedule and discipline with time outs and loss of privileges.

Read about all of our positions on our job board.  Click to apply for nanny jobs.