Florida night nanniesCongratulations on your new baby!! Bringing home a new baby is a transition for everyone.   Getting to know your little one and introducing them to the world is such a beautiful thing.   However, there might be stressful times during those first few weeks and months.   Mom is recovering, Mom and Dad are sleep deprived, and siblings want more attention.

TLC for Kids understands this  transitional period requires an extra set of hands.  So,  we are here to help everyone adjust to the newest addition to your family.


1 .      Newborn Overnight Nanny.  At TLC for Kids, we have  overnight newborn nannies. An overnight newborn nanny is a caregiver that comes to your house around bedtime and stays awake through the night (they are required to stay awake the entire time) to take care of the baby when he/she wakes up.  The overnight nanny will feed the baby(or bring baby to mom for nursing), change, rock and put the baby back to sleep. This allows new parents to catch up on some much needed rest and enjoy a full night’s sleep because they know their baby is receiving the best care possible.


2.      Newborn Specialist.  If daytime help is what you need, TLC for Kids also offers child care providers who are newborn specialists. Newborn specialists help parents in their home the first few weeks or months of baby’s life in a number of ways.  Newborn Specialists help with parent education, feeding/breastfeeding, basic baby care, and light housekeeping. Newborn specialists can also help older siblings adjust to sharing mom and dad’s attention with a new baby in the house. Whether you are a seasoned mom or new to parenting, a newborn specialist is a wonderful option to help your family adjust.


TLC for Kids is ready to assist you and your growing family.   So, whether you are expecting and want to set up  a caregiver before your baby arrives, or already have a newborn and need help, call TLC for Kids today: (314) 725-5660.

Happy Halloween!!


Halloween is just around the corner!  Are you still  stumped for costume ideas?  TLC is here to help, with our favorite costumes that kids can make themselves with a parent or nanny’s help.

1)      M&Ms/Skittles bag: With some felt, carefully cut out circles of “candy.” Next, sew or glue the candy pieces onto a black (M&M) or red (Skittle) outfit.  Your kids will transform into little packets of their favorite candy!

2)      Bubble bath: Cut the bottom out of an inflatable kiddie pool to go around your child’s waist and attach suspenders so it stays up, then glue on some small balloons to look like bubbles.

3)      Pig in a blanket: All you need to turn your kid into an adorable little piglet are pink clothes and some easy homemade pig ears and nose. Then wrap them up in a blanket and you’re all set!

4)      Raining cats and dogs: Dress your child in rainboots and a raincoat, and attach felt cat and dog shapes to an umbrella. They’ll love that it’s “punny”!

5)      Watercolors: All you need is a kicky felt beret, and a paper or felt poncho with round patches glued on to look like a watercolor palette.

6)      Sailor: Dress them up in stripes and a sailor hat, then fashion a boat out of paper and hang it around your child’s waist like you would with the bubble bath costume mentioned above.

7)      Wind-up doll: Dress your child up like a little doll, and attach a big paper key to their back. You can even try “turning” it and getting them to dance!

8)      Hot-air balloon: A laundry basket with the bottom cut out and a balloon attached should do the trick.

9)   Rain cloud: Dress their torso in white felt or a ton of cotton balls, and attach little blue paper raindrops to their legs. It may seem dreary, but we promise it’ll be cute!

Happy and safe trick or treating!


Hiring a nanny to work in your home allows your child(ren) to be at home and have one-on-one attention.   Children can thrive in their home environment and on their own schedule.  Working in a home, sometimes that nanny will be privy to the family’s personal information.   Unfortunately, with the a quick hit of a button this information can be shared on social media.

Due to social media and privacy concerns, more and more families are working a nondisclosure statement into their contract.  TLC for Kids believes that including a  confidentiality  clause in the nanny family contract is a good idea.  TLC Placement Counselor Jessica Friedman says she has seen these type of agreements written into contracts.  It could be a simple statement saying, “as a family we respect your right to privacy and we ask you respect ours.  We also ask that you not ever post pictures or videos of our children or home on social media.”

The best way to start any nanny position is with an agreed-upon contract.   This contract sets the tone for the position and opens up the lines of communication right away.  If you would like to hire a nanny in St. Louis, Mo.  or South Florida contact TLC for Kids at tlcforkids.com.


TLC for Kids, a premier nanny agency in South Florida and St. Louis, Mo., is proud to announce a new partnership with Hope Squad Heroes.   TLC for Kids started in 1985  offering in home back up childcare for sick kids. Now, 30 years later TLC has helped thousands of families with their childcare needs .   It has always been TLC’s mission to help families and children.   Hope Squad Heroes is a non-for-profit organization with a very similar mission: help families and children.


Hope Squad Heroes was founded by Washington University student Jackie Schechter.  Hope Squad Heroes sends boxes of hope to kids (baby-12 years) with serious medical conditions and life-threatening illnesses. The  boxes empower kids by putting a smile on their face in a time of great difficulty.  The boxes include a t-shirt, little toys, crafts and other fun items. Hope Squad is completely funded by donations and the generosity of others.


TLC’s founder Sharon Graff-Radell  is happy to be on the board for Hope Squad Heroes.  Graff-Radell said, “TLC is happy to help such a great organization. It is an honor to help brighten the faces of these kids who have such serious illnesses.”


Hope Squad Heroes is run primarily by the kindness of others.  To learn more about Hope Squad or make a donation  visit their GoFundMe page.

Interviewing a nanny is the most important step in the nanny hiring process.  You want to make sure you know as much as you can about the nanny before hiring her(or him).  TLC for Kids pre-screens and interviews every nanny before they are sent out on an interview with a family.   Hiring a professional nanny agency to do this work saves the family valuable time.

During a family and nanny interview the family wants to take the time to ask both work related and childcare related questions.  Here are the top  interview questions every family should ask a nanny.  Remember to write down the answers so you can refer back to them when making your hiring decision.

1.  Why do you want to be a nanny?

2.  Tell me about your previous childcare jobs.  What was the last job you had?

3.  What are your strong points when working with children?

4. What would you do with my child/children on a typical day?

5.  What characteristics are you looking for in a family?

6.   How would you soothe a crying baby?  Toddler?

7.  What’s your philosophy on discipline?  Does it change as kids get older?

8.  How would you handle an emergency?

9.  Have you taken any childcare related courses?

10.  What TV viewing habits or screen time do you think children should have?

Keep the focus of the interview on the nanny and the job requirements.  Once you have decided on a candidate you can negotiate salary and benefits.

TLC for Kids has been placing nannies in Missouri and Florida for 30 years. To learn more about our agency and what we can do for you visit our website tlcforkids.com.