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Another month for our “Three minute Q and A with TLC nannies.” Each month we are bringing  you some great Q and A with our nannies so they can share some info and insight about the nanny profession and educate others on some of the fun aspects of the job.  This month we interviewed Kayce.

1)      Why did you decide to become a nanny?

I decided to nanny when I was in college working on my undergraduate degree. I decided on nannying because I love children and couldn’t imagine not working with children while I was in school.

2)      What’s your favorite thing about being nanny?

My favorite part about being a nanny is the fact that I still get to help children learn while having fun. The learning is not always academic.  Sometimes it’s as simple as helping a little one figure out how to stack blocks without them falling over.

 3)      What fun activity are you looking forward to doing with your charge(s) this week?

Since it has been raining  we were staying inside. We went to sky zone to bounce and have fun while it is rainy and nasty out. Most weeks we love hanging out at the pool and we are excited for our six flags trip at the end of the month.

4)      Where do you get your ideas for creative activities?  What’s your favorite craft?

Lost of ideas come from Pinterest but mostly we love just hanging out. Coloring is always a fun activity.  The girls are working right now on painting a custom made doll house the way they want it.

5)      Do you follow any blogs, websites to share with other nannies?

Nothing on a regular basis. I check out stuff through Pinterest and Facebook mostly. And during group jobs I get lots of ideas from other TlC nannies.

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