Fun Fall Crafts

Fall is the perfect time for crafts. The leaves are changing colors, it’s football season, Halloween is approaching, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. These months present lots of opportunities to do seasonal activities.

Here are a few ideas for fall crafts:

1. Lace up a Leaf, Football, or Apple. Before you go to a job, you can create templates from construction paper of either a leaf, football, or an apple (or anything other shape you think would be fun for your kids). With a hole puncher punch holes around the perimeter of your shape, each one centimeter apart. Then, bring a long string. Your kids will be able to pick their shape and then lace their string through the holes This helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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2. Hand Paint a Tree.  Bring washable paint, paper plates, and construction paper to your TLC job. Once you find a safe area to paint, pour your different paint colors onto the paper plates. Then, have your kids dip their forearm and hand into one of the paint colors. They will then place their arm onto a piece of construction paper. This is how they will create the tree trunk and branches. To create the leaves, the kids will use their fingerprints to dip in the paint and place along the branches of their tree.

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3. Do a Leaf Rubbing. As the trees shed their leaves, we can do lots of activities with the leaves on the ground. The next time you are sitting for a family, the kids and you can take a walk outside to collect different shapes and styles of leaves. Once you come back in, you can do an activity by placing the leaves underneath a white piece of paper and coloring over it. The bumps and ridges on the leaves will create different colors. This is a good sensory activity to talk to the kids about the different way things look and feel.

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