Tips to Prevent Sunburns This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. With an increase in temperatures, and kids out of school, everyone spends more time outdoors. More time outdoors means more sunburns. However, there are preventive steps to keep your child sunburn free.  


Share these tips with your nanny, so your child is always safe and healthy during the summer months.


Sun Safety

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests a few things to keep your child safe in the sun:

1)    Seek Shade: UV radiation is the strongest during midday. During this time, it is best to plan indoor activities (puzzles, reading, arts and crafts), but if you must be outside, try playing under a tree, an umbrella, or get creative with a tent. Talk to your childcare provider about proper planning of activities to decrease the amount of time your child is outside when UV rays are the strongest.

2)    Cover Up: Most kids are uncomfortable with long sleeves and pants during the summer heat, but there are other ways to protect your child’s body. Hats are a good idea to wear outdoors because they protect the face, scalp, ears, and neck. Further protection for your child’s eyes is also important, so find sunglasses that offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Leave these items in an easy to find place, so your childcare provider is always able to properly dress your child for safe play in the sun.

3)    Apply Sunscreen: SPF 30 is recommended every time your child goes outside (higher SPF coverage is always an option). Sunscreen should be applied thirty minutes before going outside, and reapplied often. Especially after any exercise or water play. Communicate with your childcare provider how often your child needs sunscreen and how much sunscreen your child needs.


Communicating with your nanny about these sunburn tips will help keep your child safe this summer. 

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