Creative Play with Toddlers

There are so many ways you can engage a toddler in creative play.  This is such a fun age because their imaginations are so big!

 Here are some fun ideas that also develop important learning skills!

 1. Music

Listen to music and sing along.  Make hand motions and play instruments.  Shakers, drums, and hand clapping are all fun to do!


2. Dramatic Play

Playing with children and letting them use their imagination is very important to their development.  Find dolls, stuffed animals, trains or Little People and interact with them.  Take the dolls and stuffed animals for a walk.  Set up the train track and let the child be the conductor!  Let the play mimic a feeling or a relationship that is familiar to the child.

3.  Art

Use any pencils, finger paints,  or crayons and let the child scribble and color.  Don’t forget that scraps of paper or things from the recycling bin can be use for art projects.

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