TLC Is Now Offering Sleep Training!


I will never forget the pain of letting my youngest “cry it out” We tried the “ferber method,” but listening to him cry for 5 minutes seemed like 30! We tried co-sleeping but neither one of us got any sleep.

I am so excited to tell you about the new service TLC for Kids is offering. We have teamed up with Jessica Litwack, a certified sleep coach, to provide sleep training.

Jessica Manela Litwack, is a Certified “Gentle Sleep Coach” who will work with your family to create an individualized, loving and responsive step-by-step sleep plan teaching your child the vital life skill of putting themselves to sleep.

The Gentle Sleep Program will consider your personal parenting philosophy, child’s age, health and temperament, mother’s well-being and the related family dynamics. Most importantly Jessica will support and coach you through the process from beginning to end- for night sleep and naps!

The art of putting yourself to sleep is a priceless gift you can give to your child and your entire family. To learn more visit our website, or call us at 314-725-5660.


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