TLC Nanny Appreciation Week: Meet Kaitlyn!

Today we wanted send a shout out to Kaitlyn  – who is a TLC before and after-school nanny! Here is what her employer said about her:

“TLC found our nanny Kaitlyn last year. We previously had a nanny for 10 years so my husband and I knew it would be a tough transition. I called Kaitlyn’s references, and they indicated that she had been working from a young age and had incredible responsibility and maturity for being in her 20’s. Another reference told me they would “hire her in a heartbeat”.
I have 3 children, ages 11, 6, and 5. One of my children has special needs; he is on the autism spectrum. He is a wonderfully loving, beautiful boy-I was particularly worried about this transition given his needs. Kaitlyn has really fit in well with our family and our children.
For my eldest, she gives a responsible “2nd opinion” on stuff; they play monopoly on days off from school.
For my little one, they share a true interest in arts and crafts-they have worked on many projects including jewelry boxes, illustrating books, and painting pictures. Kaitlyn is incredibly creative and this has rubbed off on my little girl.
For my child who is on the autism spectrum, she has been a blessing. Her patience and warmth are incredible. If he is having a hard time, she knows how to engage him and be a source of calm. I truly trust her. You can tell when they see each other that they have a real bond.
I always say “You can’t fool children” and Kaitlyn has created a special place in each of their hearts for her because she relates to each of my children in a unique and special way.”

Thank you Kaitlyn for being a great nanny!


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