New Pinterest Board

Are you on Pinterest?  It’s a great website where you can save recipes, craft ideas, pictures,  anything really.  You make “boards” or categories of the things you are interested in and all your favorite websites will be at your fingertips.


The TLC for Kids Pinterest page is full of information for TLC nannies and families.  Some of our most popular boards are  News About Nannies, Oh Baby, and Everybody Cooks.  We also have boards for kids bases upon their age and for families with kids.


Jessica has been busy updating the TLC for Kids Pinterest page.

And, since we live in St. Louis, and the Cardinals are in the baseball play offs she had to start a St. Louis Sportsmania Board!  Don’t worry the board isn’t just for the Cardinals.  If you are a Blues or Rams fan we have you covered too.

Stop by and let us know what you think.




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