Safety First When Taking Care of Babies

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From time to time we could all use a refresher on safety tips for babies.  Here are some points to remember when caring for babies.

1.  Don’t put anything additional in the crib with the baby. This includes toys, blankets, bottles and sippy cups.

2.  Make sure the car seat is properly installed. Parents and nannies can visit the local fire department for proper installation.  Or, check here for a local certified Child Passenger Instructor.

3.  Keep up to date on all product recalls. The best place for information on recalled items is the Consumer Product Information Commission.

4.  I know it seems obvious but don’t ever leave the baby unattended.

5.  Always properly buckle the baby in car seats, strollers, high chairs, etc.

6. Keep in mind food guidelines for babies.  Nannies and babysitters should ask the parents if the children have any allergies.  Remember children under 1 shouldn’t have cows milk, peanut butter, honey, or strawberries.  If the baby is on able to eat table food always cut the food up in little pieces.
7.  Make sure the house if baby proofed.  Check the outlets in the wall, keep small toys off the floor, and  keep cords from drapes and blinds out of reach.


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