Preparing for a Phone Interview

TLC for Kids is busy!  August and September are popular times for families and nannies.  Parents are looking for full time, part time and after school nannies now.

Most families will hold a phone interview prior to a face to face interview.  These phone interviews are used as a pre-screening tool.  It’s very important that a nanny shine!  If the phone interview goes well the parent will set up a face to face interview right away!

Here are some phone interview tips for nannies:

1. Be prepared.  Have your resume on hand and be prepared to use it answer questions.

2. Be in a quiet space.  Turn off your call waiting, tv, and radio.

3.  Don’t eat, chew gum or drink during the call.

4. Smile!  Speak clearly and slowly.

5.  Take notes about the position and thank the family for taking the time to talk to you.

TLC for Kids is always looking for qualified nannies.  Right now we have over 20 open nanny positions.  View them here and apply on line now.


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