Tips on Finding Part Time Nannies

Finding part time child care can be a challenge.  Most nannies want a full time work.

So, if you are looking for a part-time nanny or sitter, here are some tips from a mom with lots of experience hiring part time nannies:

  1. Include your kids in your search(if possible)  Some kids like college students who serve as an awesome role model.  Others might like a mom with more experience caring for kids.
  2. Make sure you’re a priority. If you hire a college student take the time to learn their other priorities.  Make sure your nanny can do her homework, projects, and extra school activities around your hours, as much as possible.
  3. Have backups in place. Part-time nannies and sitters have a life outside of taking care of your children.  If you’re hiring a college sitter, have plans in place for their school breaks.  Or, if hiring someone who has her own family, ask what days off she might need.  You can call TLC for Kids to fill in on these dates.
  4. Have a snow day plan in place.   Plan out what to do in case of snow day.  You could make arrangements with a stay at home home or call TLC for an emergency sitter.
  5. Go over a list of wants and needs.  Balance what you need with a realistic expectation of what your nanny can do.
  6. Drive with them.  Hiring an after school nanny almost always involves driving.  Do a test run with your nanny to show her everywhere she will need to go.  By, doing this you can also make sure she is a safe driver.


For more information on hiring a part time nanny or sitter contact  TLC for Kids and talk to one of our experienced placement counselors.

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