Are you feeling the stress of the new school year?

Parental stress can lead to increased tension between all family members. Parents and their kids can both benefit from occasional time apart. It can be hard to create a standing date night or other periods of respite from the grind of parenting, but having a nanny or a trustworthy sitter can be a big help in scheduling and enjoying the time off you need. Whether it is a standing Saturday night sitter, a girl’s night out, a special event, or back-up care for your own nanny, TLC for Kids has you covered. TLC has professionally screened caregivers on-call to meet your needs.

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Yikes!!  Schools are starting.   Are you ready for school this year?

The first thing Miami working parents can do ensure a great school year is to line up childcare. TLC For Kids can help with all your back to school childcare needs. We can help Miami families with after school nannies. And our temporary babysitting staff can help with days off. TLC For Kids even has emergency babysitting service that can help with last minute sick care needs..

After your lined up your childcare it’s time to get organized! Organizing means decluttering! Find the places in your house where papers gather and go through it. Anything from last school year or summer camps can be trashed. Things that you thought you were going to do this summer and didn’t can be thrown away. Then go through your kids room and do the same thing. Projects from the previous school year can be packed away or recycled to make room for things from this upcoming year.

Pull out anything you will need to start this school year. Things like your school supply list, immunization records, reading lists, and the school calender. Review these papers and make sure you have everything you need to get the school year started on the right foot!

What are your tips for getting organized for the school year?

The Cleveland Clinic has asked us to share this with all of our nannies and sitters.  If you have 5-10 minutes please take the time to answer these questions.

As a member of INA you have been invited to take part in the  Cleveland Clinic survey because the Cleveland Clinic is interested to learn about your experiences and training with regards to food allergies. The survey consists of 46 questions, and should take between 5-10 minutes of your time. Because the data generated by this survey may be generalized and disseminated, it is considered human subjects research. Your participation is voluntary, and consent will be implied based on your participation.

The only risk to your participation is a small risk to the confidentiality of your data.  Safeguards are in place to protect your data.  The Cleveland Clinic is not collecting any information which will identify you.  The data will be stored in a password protected computer at the Cleveland Clinic.  Results from this survey will be presented in the aggregate, as group data.
With this survey, The Cleveland Clinic hope to: (1) identify nannies knowledge of food allergies, including general knowledge, recognition, and treatment of food allergies; (2) identify prevalence of food allergy in homes where children are under the care of nannies:and (3) identify gaps in knowledge and training requirements for food allergy at various nanny training institutions/conferences.

While taking this survey it is important to distinguish the difference between true food allergy vs. food intolerance. True food allergy includes life threatening reactions due to an immune response to proteins in foods.  This can lead to the immediate onset of allergy symptoms including itching, hives, swelling, vomiting, coughing, wheezing, or low blood pressure causing lightheadedness.  This is a syndrome called anaphylaxis. Food intolerance is not life threatening and often includes symptoms of stomach upset, bloating, gas, fatigue, hyperactivity (i.e. lactose intolerance). Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is NOT a food allergy.   Please be reassured that all of your responses will remain confidential and anonymous.

This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Feel free to contact Dr. Justin Greiwe at 216-212-5879 or with  any questions or concerns.

This research has been approved by the Cleveland Clinic Institutional Review Board.

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Finding part time child care can be a challenge.  Most nannies want a full time work.

So, if you are looking for a part-time nanny or sitter, here are some tips from a mom with lots of experience hiring part time nannies:

  1. Include your kids in your search(if possible)  Some kids like college students who serve as an awesome role model.  Others might like a mom with more experience caring for kids.
  2. Make sure you’re a priority. If you hire a college student take the time to learn their other priorities.  Make sure your nanny can do her homework, projects, and extra school activities around your hours, as much as possible.
  3. Have backups in place. Part-time nannies and sitters have a life outside of taking care of your children.  If you’re hiring a college sitter, have plans in place for their school breaks.  Or, if hiring someone who has her own family, ask what days off she might need.  You can call TLC for Kids to fill in on these dates.
  4. Have a snow day plan in place.   Plan out what to do in case of snow day.  You could make arrangements with a stay at home home or call TLC for an emergency sitter.
  5. Go over a list of wants and needs.  Balance what you need with a realistic expectation of what your nanny can do.
  6. Drive with them.  Hiring an after school nanny almost always involves driving.  Do a test run with your nanny to show her everywhere she will need to go.  By, doing this you can also make sure she is a safe driver.


For more information on hiring a part time nanny or sitter contact  TLC for Kids and talk to one of our experienced placement counselors.

Fall is approaching and that means back to school time is around the corner.

 Are you ready for school to start this year?  For most parents the school year can be a juggling act in which organization and a dependable support system can make the difference in keeping your household stress low!  Household family assistants, on-call back-up nanny care, and as needed babysitters can play a useful role in your daily life. Consider these issues to make sure you are prepared and ready to handle anything the school year sends your way:


1 Be Prepared

–  Back-Up Care:

 Your children, like all of us, will have their ups and downs.  Throughout the school year thousands of kids will miss school due to illness and teacher work days,  leaving parents in a bind.  What will they do if their child can’t go to daycare or school?

A recent survey on children’s health found that nearly one third of parents in the US worry about losing pay or vacation days when they stay home to care for a sick child. Those parents said it was very difficult to find childcare for their sick child.

Parents can help to ensure a smooth school year by making sure they have a backup plan in place for these unexpected situations.

Try to be prepared for this by knowing who you can call upon for last-minute or emergency care for your kids.  A good agency can help you with school days off, last-minute sick-childcare, and even a standing reservation for a regular sitter so you will always know there is relief on the horizon.

2 Get It Done

–  After School Family Assistants:

After school family assistants can tutor children, help with homework, run the after school calendar, and assist with dinner.  They also help with getting prepared and organized for the next school day.  “Our families love the After School family assistant,” says Jessica Friedman, TLC For Kids’ Placement Counselor.   “One mom told me she loves being able to come home from work and spend time with her kids instead of hustling them from one thing to another.”

Tutors can help kids get their homework done with less stress and build confidence in their abilities.  They also add useful structure. Getting homework done on time and correctly can relieve children and help them to feel accomplished and in control.

3 Keep It Fun

–  Babysitter roster:

Everyone needs a little grown-up time. Date-night, girls night out, the theatre, a sporting event, there is so much to do in here in Miami. Put together your list of sitters. Grandma might be first but when she is busy…or when you need a really late night on the town, you may want someone a little more experienced than the high school girl up the street. Call on a mature adult, who provides her own transportation, is CPR certified and provides extra peace of mind.

Health insurance is a big concern for nannies, especially single nannies.   TLC for Kids has found that nannies are looking for health insurance as part of their full time job compensation package.   Offering health insurance to a nanny is possible and a tax free benefit!  Saving both the family and the nanny money!

Here is a blog from Regarding Nannies on the best practices of nanny health insurance.

Q. What does the family need to do regarding documentation to keep the health insurance non-taxable?

A. A family needs to have evidence that the nanny actually HAS health insurance in place, and that the policy cost is equal to or greater than the stipend. The easiest way to do this is for the family to write the check for the stipend directly to the insurance carrier. If that is not possible or desired, the family needs to:

1. Obtain and retain a certificate of coverage that shows the period and amount of the premium. This needs to be up to date, so you may need to do this semi-annually or annually depending on the policy.

2. Either write a separate check for the stipend with the memo clearly stating the purpose (BC/BS POLICY NUMBER July 2013 for example) OR provide a pay stub to the nanny stating gross wages, itemized deductions, net pay, and the addition of the premium contribution to the net pay as a reimbursement item.

Q. What are the tax benefits to the family?

A. The health insurance premium stipend is not taxable wages. The employer does not include this in the employee’s taxable wages on the W-2 form, and does not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (7.65%) nor Federal or State Unemployment taxes on the premium (~3.5 – 4% depending on the situation).

Q. What are the tax benefits to the nanny?

A.  Because the health insurance premium stipend is not taxable wages, the nanny does not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (7.65%) nor income taxes (variable, estimate 15% for Federal and state) on the premium stipend.

A. Are there any audit risks involved?

Q. The biggest risk is that the family is paying the stipend and the nanny allows the policy to lapse. Retroactively this would make the premium stipend taxable, and at that point the family would be on the hook for the employer and employee Social Security and Medicare taxes (15.3% total) as well as the unemployment taxes. This is why it is a best practice to make payments directly to the carrier.

A typical health insurance plan for a healthy single nanny can run $500 or more a month. This is $6000 a year. Many families offer a partial premium benefit at time of hire, and will discuss picking up more in lieu of a raise when the compensation is reviewed.

A family who contributes $3000 a year saves approximately $330 in taxes (11% of the benefit!) and the nanny saves approximately $675 in taxes (about a week’s pay!).


TLC for Kids in St. Louis has nanny jobs available!  We are currently helping over 20 families find full time or part time childcare.

Please take a moment and review the open jobs as of July 30th, 2013. Each family is ready to interview top candidates! If you’re interested in any position, email for more info and apply online ASAP! Each position requires a one-year commitment.

After-School positions are below! These positions all require a year commitment and may transition to full-time in the summer. If you’re curious about one, just ask!


1) Ballwin family with an 11 year-old boy seeking a later afternoon (after-school) nanny. Hours are 4:30p-8:15p and child has mild asthma and some after-school activities. Nanny must be able to help get dinner started for family.


2) Clayton family seeking an after-school nanny to start Aug. 15th for two girls (13, 9) to pick up from school at 3:30p and take to and from activities or go home to do homework and activities. Must be upbeat, fun and friendly!


3) O’Fallon family seeking a after-school nanny for girl boy 9 to start August 21st. Screen time after-school is limited but allowed and children enjoy engaging with a nanny who enjoys sports and crafts. Must pick up from school at 3p and until 6p.


4) Brentwood family seeking an after-school nanny to work with two children (girl 12 and boy 5) M-F 2:50p-6p M-F.


5) Brentwood family with four children (12, 9, 6 y/o twins) seeking an after-school (or part-time 20-30hrs) nanny to take kids home from school and to different activities. Great job for the right person and ideally hours are 1:30-5:30p with some with housework and errands. Must be organized, energetic and able to juggle four kids! Job starts August 15th. Can also be an after-school position with 2:30/3-5:30p schedule.


6) Chesterfield nanny needed with excellent driving record. Three girls (twin 8 y/o, and an 11 year old have to be picked up from school at 2:50p and taken to lots of different activities. Busy, energetic household! Starts August 12th!


7) Ladue family seeking an after-school nanny to work 3-6:30p M-F. Two boys (9, 12) to care for and pick up from school. Extra hours available for date nights. Starts Aug. 12th.


8) Creve Coeur family seeking an after-school nanny M/T/W/F to p/u two boys 6, 4 from school and bring home or to activities. Family is very laid back and can offer some flexibility. Hours are 2:45-5:45p. Starts August 21st.


9) Des Peres family seeking an after-school nanny to work from 3 pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday. There are two children, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. The after school routine would be: errands/meal prep, pick up youngest child from school, be home to get oldest child off of the bus, feed children a nutritous snack, oldest child will need to practice piano and do homework. Nanny will be reimbursed for gas mileage. Starts August 19th, 2013.


10) Ballwin family seeking an after-school nanny to work from 3 pm to 6 pm Monday through Thursday or Friday! They have two children but only responsible for the 6 year old son. Will need to pick up son from school daily and take him home or to practice as needed and on occasion might need to pick up other child from daycare. The nanny will be responsible for indoor/outdoor play, arts and crafts, children’s meals, children’s laundry, helping with homework, straigtening up home, errands, and loading/unloading dish washers. Begins August 19th, 2013.


11) Creve Coeur family seeking an after school nanny to work from 3:30 pm to about 6:00/7:30 pm Monday through Thursday. They have three children, an 11 year old boy and girl twins, and a 7 year old girl. Nanny would be responsible for surpervising child with any chores, keeping them entertained when at home, helping with homework, and taking them to extracurricular activities. Begins August 26th, 2013.


12) Ladue family seeking an after school nanny to work from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. There are 6 children but would only need to care for 4 of them. A typical day would be to pick children up from school, take them to practices and activities if needed, run errands if needed, work with children on homework, and drive older children to practices. Begins August 15th, 2013.


13) Kirkwood family seeking after school nanny to work from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. There are two children, a 12 year old girl and 10 year old boy. The nanny would be responsible for children’s meals, transportation of children to and from school/bus stop and any other activities/appointments, helping children with homework, and loading/unloading dish washer. Begins August 19th, 2013.


14) Brentwood family seeking after school nanny to work from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. The family has 3 children, a 10 year old girl, a 7 year old boy, and a 5 year old boy. The nanny would be responsible for indoor/outdoor play, arts and crafts, providing age appropriate activities, picking them up from school and taking them to other activities/ appointments, and helping children with homework. Begins August 26th, 2013.


15) Brentwood family seeking an after-school nanny to work from 3p-6p M-F. Little boy is five years and athletic and artistic! Starts 8/26


16) Creve Coeur family seeking an after-school nanny to work with their two children, (b-12 and g-10) from 3:30p-6:30 M-F with a date night for the parents. Starts 8/12


17) Brentwood family seeking an after-school nanny to work with their son who will be starting Kindergarden in the fall. He is a smart funny boy who loves to interact with people. He is athletic and artistic! Starts 8/26!


18) Wildwood fmaily seeking an after-school nanny to work with their three children (6, 4 and 2) M-F 3p-8p. Must have a good driving record and help around the house. Starts ASAP!


19) Town and Country family seeking an after-school nanny to work M-F 3p-6p with their 11 y/o daughter. She is very active and likes to be engaged with. Some extra hours are available for date nights. Starts ASAP!