Childcare Jobs Available Now!

Being a nanny is a rewarding and fulfilling job.


Being a nanny means you are responsible for the complete care of your employer’s children.  A job description for a nanny can vary from family to family.  But, every family wants you to play and have fun with the kids!  Nannies get to color, take nature walks, sing songs, put together puzzles, read books, and shoot hoops all day long!


Along with playing duties include tending to each child’s basic physical needs, meal planning and preparation and  laundry and clothing care.  Nannies also organize play activities and outings (providing transportation when required).   With the parents’ insights a nanny enforces behavioral guidelines and disciplining when appropriate.  Like educators, nannies provide intellectual stimulation and language activities.

A nanny is a childcare provider who works in the family’s private home. The nanny’s role is to support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children. A nanny offers the family convenient, high quality care to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.

The safest way to find a nanny job is through a trusted nanny agency like TLC For Kids.  When interviewing with a family be prepared to answer their questions.  Here is a list of some nanny interview questions you may be asked.    You should also take this opportunity to learn about the family.  Ask questions about the days, hours and salary,  the families child care philosophy, and job description.

TLC For Kids is always looking for great nannies.  We have full time and part positions available.  Click to see a list of some of our current nanny jobs.

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