Regarding Nannies has a great website for nannies.  Recently they did an interesting blog post with tips from some of their most successful nannies.  We wanted to share one with you.  Whether you are a nanny looking for a nanny job or you are  a currently employed nanny I think you will enjoy reading this.

Karen Y. shares …


The 5 Best Practices for a nanny I recommend are as follows, with four under the category Document!! One, Document your day!! Most jobs ask the nanny to keep a log book of the day’s activities or milestones. What a great way to showcase the growth and changes of your charge/es while you are their nanny! Parent’s love to see what happened while they were gone during the day. With technology today, you can also take a cell phone picture and down load to a flash drive for a daily record of that job.


Secondly, I suggest documents in your car or nanny car. I have copies of my charges health insurance cards, dental insurance cards and parent information located in the folder with the car registration. If I was knocked unconscious in an accident, the police would be able to contact someone on that list. Thank to Mary Ann X. Meddish, I have tie-on ICE cards that are attached to infant and toddler car seats where that information can also be reached.


Third, I recommend having a document, preferably a contract in place. It protects you and the family when all information pertaining to the job is written down. For busy parents and nannies, having it on paper helps the communication and keeps all parties with in the job description.


Fourth, keep your resume updated at all times! Many nannies I know have recently lost their positions thru no fault of their own. Downsizing, parents deciding to stay home or job relocation for parents mean that keeping your resume updated will only benefit you! Always include copies of trainings, certifications, and conference attendance forms. Parents like to know that you are constantly educated and know your business!


Lastly, Be sure that you land in a job where you are happy and where your communication with your employers is great. Because if the nanny is not happy, it will trickle down in to the family dynamics. Be pro-active in talking about issues or concerns to keep a smile on your face! Why spend your days not doing something you love?


TLC for Kids is hosting an Online Job Fair!

TLC has over 20 part time nanny positions to fill.  Applicants must have previous child care experience, a high school education and reliable transportation.

Wednesday and Thursday interested applicants should complete the TLC for Kids online application.  Applications completed during this time will be given top priority and reviewed right away.  Interviews could happen within the next few days and start days are in August.

To review the current job openings click here.

Applications completed on August 24th and 25th are eligible for a hiring bonus after a probationary period.

Contact Jessica Friedman with any questions 314-725-5660.

Today’s families are busier than ever. Kids go to school and parents go to work. Now it’s three o’clock and school is over. What happens? If you are like most parents in Miami you make arrangements for your kids to go somewhere after school or the kids go home to an empty house. Then when you get home at 6 you rush around trying to make dinner, complete homework, and then run to any and all extracurricular activities. But the day isn’t over yet. Once the kids are asleep parents are checking homework, making sure backpacks are filled, and reviewing tomorrow’s crazy schedule. Only then can you go to sleep and wake up and to do it all over again tomorrow.

Working parents need help balancing work and home. We need a way to alleviate some of that stress so that our time at home can be spent reconnecting with our families.

TLC for Kids has witnessed a trend that’s helping and it’s what families are calling the “afternoon family assistant.” More and more families are hiring nannies to help in this crunch time. A traditional after school nanny picked up the kids from school, fed them a snack and played with them until mom or dad got home. Today’s afternoon family assistant is now tutoring homework, running the after school calendar, helping with dinner, and getting organized for tomorrow. “Our families love the afternoon family assistant,” said Sharon Graff-Radell, the owner of TLC for Kids. “One mom told me she loves being able to come home from work and spend time with her kids instead of hustling them from one thing to another.”

Typically the afternoon family assistant is a college student at a local school. All  TLC nannies have  childcare experience and clear background checks, including a driver’s record.

To learn more about TLC for Kids and the afternoon family assistant contact Sharon Graff-Radell at 305-256-5905 or visit the website at


Summertime means summer travel for home owners.   Not surprisingly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that home burglaries peak in July and August.  Homes that look not lived in are more susceptible to burglaries.
There are few things people can do to keep there home from being broken into when traveling this summer.
The best thing you can do is hire a house sitter to stay in your home while you are gone.  House sitters will give your home the lived in look.  They can bring in your mail and papers, water your plants and park in your driveway.  If you have pets the sitter will also take care of all of your pets needs.
TLC For Kids, Inc, is a childcare agency that also provides house and pet sitters in Miami and St. Louis.  “Our screened and background checked caregivers are a great match for families looking for house and pet sitters,” explains Vice President Angela Lehmann.  “Clients love knowing they only need to make one call to us and it’s taken care of.”

Other steps you can take to keep your risk of a break-in low is to put your lights on a timer, put up a motion detector light outside, and make sure all your windows are locked before you leave.

TLC for Kids would like to spotlight one of our great St. Louis babysitters.

Meet Rachel B.  Rachel grew up around kids in Rockford, IL.  She graduated from Denison University in Ohio.  After college she joined Teach For America and is currently working as a high school English teacher here in St. Louis  Rachel has experience working with kids both as a babysitter and as a tutor.

In her free time Rachel enjoys reading and Yoga.  She is also spending time getting to know St. Louis and all the city has to offer.


Whose Birthday Is It?
Author Unknown

Some birthdays come in winter,
Some birthdays come in spring.
On birthdays there are games to play
And lots of songs to sing.

My favorite birthday is in July,
And it doesn’t belong to me!
It’s the birthday that lights up the sky
For all the world to see!

Rockets glare, trumpets blare,
And bands begin to play.
Happy Birthday America,
It’s Independence Day!

Being a nanny is a rewarding and fulfilling job.


Being a nanny means you are responsible for the complete care of your employer’s children.  A job description for a nanny can vary from family to family.  But, every family wants you to play and have fun with the kids!  Nannies get to color, take nature walks, sing songs, put together puzzles, read books, and shoot hoops all day long!


Along with playing duties include tending to each child’s basic physical needs, meal planning and preparation and  laundry and clothing care.  Nannies also organize play activities and outings (providing transportation when required).   With the parents’ insights a nanny enforces behavioral guidelines and disciplining when appropriate.  Like educators, nannies provide intellectual stimulation and language activities.

A nanny is a childcare provider who works in the family’s private home. The nanny’s role is to support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children. A nanny offers the family convenient, high quality care to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.

The safest way to find a nanny job is through a trusted nanny agency like TLC For Kids.  When interviewing with a family be prepared to answer their questions.  Here is a list of some nanny interview questions you may be asked.    You should also take this opportunity to learn about the family.  Ask questions about the days, hours and salary,  the families child care philosophy, and job description.

TLC For Kids is always looking for great nannies.  We have full time and part positions available.  Click to see a list of some of our current nanny jobs.