The Benefits of Hiring a Summer Nanny

School is out and you could use an extra set of hands around this summer.

TLC For Kids is here to help.  TLC has experienced reliable babysitters and nannies available this summer.  Whether you are looking for full-time summer help, part-time babysitting, or an extra set of hands for a day at the pool we are here.  TLC sitters can also help chauffeur to the pool, camps, Six Flags or anywhere else your kids need to go!

Here are some more ways your kids can benefit from a summer nanny:

1. A Positive Role Model:  College students can be a great mentor for your children.

2. A Coach: Hiring a sitter how loves sports like your children is like having a private coach for the summer.  Your sitter can play soccer in the backyard or pitch to your aspiring ball player all afternoon.

3. A Tutor:  Your summer sitter could also serve as a tutor.  Doing fun science experiments or learning about a certain time in history seems more exciting with a “cool” sitter.

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