Background Check On Nannies

When looking for a nanny in Miami you need to gather as much information as you can on the nanny. 
In order to get a clear understanding of the person you are hiring you need to check as many references as possible.
You also need to conduct a thorough background check. If you were going to work for a new employer chances are they would request some sort of background check. And you should do the same if you are hiring someone to work for you, in your home, to watch your children.
Here is a list of background checks recommended by TLC For Kids. These checks can be done through an investigation company that specializes in household employee checks.
1. Child Abuse and Neglect Screening.
2. Sex Abuse Registry
3. Name, Address and Social Security Verification Match their name with SS# given to you.
4. State and County Criminal Records Check the applicants past addresses and run checks in those counties and states.
5. Driving Record Again, take the past addresses and run a driver’s record check in those states.
The most important thing to remember when conducting the investigation is to be thorough and diligent. The more information you receive, the more confidence you will have in your new sitter or nanny.

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