TLC's Postpartum Doulas Assist New Moms with Newborn Care and More

TLC for Kids has been providing Saint Louis’ newest moms with Doula help since 1995.  Doula is a Greek term which means “women helping women” or “women servant.”  I love the word and its meaning.  From my experience no woman can go through childbirth, recovery, and welcome a new baby without support from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable.  We all need help from time to time.

TLC’s Doulas are loving, experienced and trained.  Our Doulas are ready to guide moms(and dads) through the joys of caring for a new baby.   Some Doulas provide overnight care so mom and dad can rest.  Newborn babies can be exhausting and overwhelming even for the most seasoned of parents 🙂

A TLC Doula will help with feeding, bathing, swaddling, circumcision care, changing, umbilical cord care and so much more.  A Doula can also help around the house.  She can provide sibling care, meal preparation, transportation, and baby room or house organization.

Here is one mom’s story about her Doula,

My mother and father came to help me when my daughter was born. As much as I appreciated their help they added to my overall responsibilities. Now there were 2 more people to feed, entertain, and more laundry to do!  When Donna, my amazing Doula arrived, she just instinctively knew what to do and added no stress to my life. She organized the babies room, did the laundry, prepared meals for us, rocked and sang to the baby when I needed rest, and brought her to me for breast feeding. I was able to nap, run errands, and recover from my c-section. My husband and I truly loved the experience of caring for our newborn.”
If you would like to learn more about postpartum Doulas visit the DONA website.

To reserve a TLC Doula in Saint Louis complete our registration form on line.

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