Newborn Overnight Care

All parents strive for a good night’s sleep.  That is hard to do with a newborn baby in the house.  Most newborns will wake every 3 hours or so to eat.  After feeding, burping, diaper changes, swaddling and getting baby back to sleep parents have about an hour or two until they need to do it all again.

TLC for Kids can help.  TLC’s Newborn Overnight Caregivers come into your home and take care of your baby for the night.  Our caregivers have been screened by our professional staff and have years of experience caring for newborns.  They even specialize in multiples!

Newborn overnights caregivers typically work 4 to 7 nights a week for the first few months.  They will help get your baby on a night time schedule and stay with you until your baby is sleeping through the night.

Let our overnight caregivers help you be your best for your busy day!

More information on TLC for Kids’ Newborn program visit our website or call Angela at 314.725.5660.

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