Helping Kids Understand Hurricane Sandy

  Hurricane Sandy has effected millions of families along the East Coast.  Even though our little one’s didn’t have to live with the hurricane, they have heard and seen the devastation.
  If one of your charges seems to be acting a bit out of sorts, maybe a little more clingy or wants to stay at home, he/she may be thinking about the Hurricane.  You and the parents should discuss the best way to help.  Reading books helps children understand the world around them.
Our friend Stephanie Felzenberg of  Be The Best Nanny Newsletter, (who lives in New Jersey and doesn’t have power), has put together a list of kids books about hurricanes.  Here are some of the books she found helpful and you might too.
Appropriate for kids ages 4-9
Yesterday We Had A Hurricane by Deidre McLaughlin  Mercier.
Sergio The Hurricane by Alexandra Wallner.
Hurricane! by Jonathon London
Appropriate for kids ages 10 and up.
Hurricane Song by Paul Volpone.
Hurricane by Terry Trueman.
Our thoughts are with everyone effected by Sandy.  If you would like to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy please contact the Red Cross.

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