Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use A Nanny Agency

Families in St. Louis have been using TLC for Kids to help them find nannies for over twenty-five years and so should you!  Please read the top reasons why working with an agency is the best way to find a nanny.

1. A nanny agency is much safer to use because they ONLY send you vetted nannies who they themselves have extensively screened and personally interviewed.   

2. Working with a nanny agency is a more personal process because you will work with a placement counselor who will get to know you and find out what is uniquely important to your family and will send you candidates that fit your pre-determined qualifications.
3. A nanny agency gives you a manageable number of candidates. Fewer is better so that parents are not overwhelmed by a sea of possibilities.

4. A nanny agency saves you a lot of time and energy sifting through sometimes hundreds of candidates.

5. A nanny agency will have you working with a placement counselor who will step you through the whole process of interviewing and negotiating employment agreements; will provide payroll and tax direction; and who will be a helpful resource throughout the period of the nanny’s employment.

6. Families who want the best nannies use agencies because the highest quality nannies work exclusively with nanny agencies. They do not want to call strangers from a blind posting. Agencies offer them a safe, professional representation.

To start your nanny search with TLC for Kids, please call Jessica at 314-725-5660.

TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 years.   TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  Reach us at or 314-725-5660.


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