Determining your Nanny's Salary

Often times we are asked, “How much should I pay my nanny?”   This is a very important question because you don’t want to underpay the person taking care of your kids!   The average salary for a nanny depends on a few things.

To set a nanny salary you should determine your average range for your area.   Families in major coastal cities pay more than families in smaller central cities.  To find your average salary you can click on the annual salary survey link on the International Nanny Association’s (INA) website.  They have salaries listed by location.  This will give you a good base salary range.  To see where you fall in this salary range you can look at a few things.

First, a nanny’s salary can depend on her education or experience.  Nannies with previous experience working for families are highly coveted and will be at the top of a salary range.  Also, nannies with a background in education or child development will be at the top of a pay scale.

Nannies starting their career with a family will have previous childcare references and earn closer to the average range.

Second, job responsibilities also play a big factor in the salary of a nanny.  When determining a nanny salary a family should also look at the number of children, the hours and the household needs.  Asking a nanny to do more housework will also require a higher salary.

Once a salary has been set it should be agreed upon by both parties and reviewed annually if not more based upon changes throughout the year.

If you have any questions on nanny salaries please let us know.

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