Caring for Special Needs Kids

Raising a child on the autism spectrum brings with it a unique set of challenges… Not just for the child, but for the parents, siblings, grandparents and friends.

TLC for Kids is proud to be associated with LoveU2Pieces.  LoveU2Pieces is committed to giving families the time and support they need to raise healthy, successful children in a strong, supportive environment.

Here is an excerpt from one of their blogs that I wanted to share.

“Caring for a child on the autism spectrum is challenging for even the most loving and committed couples. The constant stress,  lack of downtime and exhaustion can test relationships on all levels. Finding time to be a couple, versus parents of a child with ASD, can be almost impossible. Yet the shared responsibility of caring for a child (or children) on the spectrum can actually strengthen a relationship, if the couple makes their bond as important as the care they provide their child.

Take time for yourselves whenever you can. If that means only 15 minutes alone together, take it! There’s no perfect moment, so take advantage of the snippets of time as they present themselves. When you are able to plan a more elaborate date or weekend away, do it. “

TLC for Kids has a special needs staff.  The TLC staff includes professionals and paraprofessionals in the education and special education fields, as well as nurses, nursing students, occupational and physical therapy students and social work students who have experience working with children with a broad range of special needs including; autism, hearing loss, sensory disorders, ADD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, seizures and others.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our special needs staff or if you would like to request one of our experienced sitters.

To learn more about and all they do to support families who have autistic kids visit their website.

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