A great tip from a professional nanny!

In honor of Nanny Appreciation Week I wanted to tell you about one professional nanny’s great idea.
I came across Nanny Brandi’s “Nanny Binder” on the Regarding Nannies website and I wanted to share it with you.
Here is part of her question and answer:
What is a Nanny Binder?
It is a collection of my favorite articles and information from various resources that help me in my development as a professional nanny.
Why did I make one?
Because I kept accumulating all of this information and when I wanted to reference it I didn’t always have a computer handy. I am not a “techie” in the truest sense. Printing the information out and having the information readily available in a binder is what works for me. I carry it with me to work every day because I never know when I might need it.
What do I keep in it?
Anything that is relevant to my job as a nanny. I put information I have gathered from websites and conferences. Specifically I have it organized into sections:
Child Development Tips, Webinars, Personal Improvement, Craft Ideas, Recipes and Forms. For example, in the Personal Improvement section I keep information about improving my resume and portfolio. This is something that is always a work in progress and should be updated regularly. In the Forms section I have an emergency information sheet, household information, medical authorization forms etc. I also keep a copy of my updated work agreement just in case I might want to reference it.
How often do I really use it?
Literally, every day. Whether it is craft ideas for the kids, a recipe, or a few minutes at nap time, I can pull it out and read something that helps keep my focus on being a better nanny. I am constantly printing out and adding more to it so there is always current information for me to read.
How to make one?
It’s very simple and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. To get started I went to an office supply store and found a good sized binder, section dividers and a good three hole punch tool. An extra printer cartridge is also a good idea. You can personalize it anyway you want.
What do you think of Brandi’s idea?  Do you have something similar that you bring along to work?