Talking to your kids about the Colorado shooting

The Colorado shooting is so scary to me.  To be honest I didn’t even read about it or see the news stories because I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  Not that I see that many movies, but just the thought of a massacre happening in a peaceful movie theatre is too much for me. 

Have you talked to your kids about shooting?  I found some helpful tips on about talking to your kids about these type of incidents.

  1. Start a conversation that invites more talk in the future. It can take a while for kids to warm up to the idea of talking about something that bothers them.
  2. Remember to listen more than talk, it is the best way to find out what kids are thinking.
  3. Answer truthfully without scaring them.  Keep your answers short and factual – “yes, people did die” – They should  get real information from you without embellishment
  4. Pay attention to their follow-up questions.   If they want more information, they’ll let you know – and if they don’t, don’t feel like you need to tell them more.
  5. Gear your talks to your child’s age and personality.  Every kid is different.

Remember that your kids might need feel some anxiety when going to the movie next time.  Be supportive and let them know that it’s ok.  If they aren’t ready to see a movie today you can try again in a few days. 


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