Summer Olympics

We are so excited about the Olympics at my house!  The girls are doing gymnastic “routines” and my son is kicking the soccer ball all over the basement!

One thing that I love about watching the Olympics with my kids is that it gives them positive role models.  Here are young women and men who work hard and don’t give up.  They all had a dream to do something active and they stayed with it!  Not to mention they take good care of there bodies and eat healthy 🙂

We turned our T.V. room into Olympic headquarters.  The kids and I made flags from some of the popular countries participating and hung those on the wall.  We also made a poster so we could write down the names of some of favorite athletes and cheer them on to gold.  The kids made torches with tissue paper and put them in vases to signify the Olympic flame.  And we have some dry erase boards we are using to keep track of the medals won.

It’s been a lot of fun.  To limit the amount of time they are spending in front of the TV I record the evening show and watch it the next day.  That way we can fast forward through certain things and commercials.

What are you doing to celebrate the Olympics?


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