Sleep Advice from A Newborn Care Specialist

One of TLC For Kids Newborn Care Specialists recently heard from a new mom she was helping.  Here is her story.

Like most new mothers, mom was desperate for some sleep.  After working with her for a few nights I gave her some advice.  First, it seemed like the little one might have an ear infection.  He did, so now the little guy is on some meds to clear them up.  I also suggested putting a fan on in his room for some white noise. 

Mom was also anxious because the baby can roll onto his tummy from his back when he is sleeping.  He can sleep much better on his tummy.  But he can’t roll onto his stomach.  

Since mom was worried about SIDS  I  recommended she look into buying a Snuza.  She researched it and told me she is expecting it in the mail. She had never heard of the Snuza and was really glad that I knew of them.  She also felt better knowing that I had  used them before. 

I think the little guy will sleep so much better once his ears are better, a fan is on in his room, and he can sleep rolled onto his tummy (with his Snuza!)

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story!

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