Newborn Overnight Nannies

Last week I wrote about TLC’s Postpartum Doula’s.  Doula is a Greek term and it means ‘woman who help woman.’  Our Doulas offer support for moms with a newborn.   Typically a doula comes to the home during the day after the birth of the baby and helps mom adjust to being at home with a newborn.

But our Newborn Services don’t end there.  TLC also offers Newborn Overnights for parents.  Newborn overnights allow a mom the opportunity to get a good nights sleep.  (Which I could use even though my kids are 7, 4, and 3!!)  A newborn overnight  nanny can change diapers, prepare bottles, feed, rock and swaddle your baby while you sleep!  If you would like to nurse the baby she will bring you the baby and then take the baby back to bed. 

 Most families request to have an newborn overnight nanny about 4-6 times a week.   Let a TLC newborn overnight nanny help you so you can be your best the next day!

Are you expecting multiples?  Our newborn overnight nannies can help you too.  We specialize in caring for multiples!

Click  to register for a newborn overnight nanny.

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