Beware, online nanny employment scams!

I was looking at Debbie’s blog today on and thought I would share! Summer is here and many are seeking temporary or permanent employment, but be careful if using online sites. This is sound advice for all.

While looking for jobs online one always needs to be cautious. There are scams everywhere.

I was reminded of this again today when I saw a story about a young college student who is now out $2000. She was looking for nanny jobs online with a nanny website A great job caught her eye and she started corresponding with the potential employer. “Mom” sent her a check to be deposited for certain things the family would need once they arrived in the city. The nanny did deposit the check. Then “mom” changed her mind and requested that the nanny send back the money. It was only after sending the money back that she discovered the initial check was counterfeit.

There was no family moving to the area and no dream job. In fact, now the nanny is out the money. wants all nannies to please keep in mind these tips when looking for a job:

1. Beware of correspondence with poor English and grammatical mistakes.

2. If a potential employer asks you for money it is more than likely a scam. Never transfer money to someone you don’t know.

3. Be careful if someone only wants to correspond via email or text. They may be trying to hide personal information and a telephone number. offers more tips on our Safety First page. We are ask every employer and applicant to agree to these guidelines before working with our site. Please review this information when looking for a nanny job.

If you are worried about a potential scam contact the website administrator right away or contact your local Better Business Bureau.

Sleep Advice from A Newborn Care Specialist

One of TLC For Kids Newborn Care Specialists recently heard from a new mom she was helping.  Here is her story.

Like most new mothers, mom was desperate for some sleep.  After working with her for a few nights I gave her some advice.  First, it seemed like the little one might have an ear infection.  He did, so now the little guy is on some meds to clear them up.  I also suggested putting a fan on in his room for some white noise. 

Mom was also anxious because the baby can roll onto his tummy from his back when he is sleeping.  He can sleep much better on his tummy.  But he can’t roll onto his stomach.  

Since mom was worried about SIDS  I  recommended she look into buying a Snuza.  She researched it and told me she is expecting it in the mail. She had never heard of the Snuza and was really glad that I knew of them.  She also felt better knowing that I had  used them before. 

I think the little guy will sleep so much better once his ears are better, a fan is on in his room, and he can sleep rolled onto his tummy (with his Snuza!)

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story!

Happy Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day TLC For Kids would like to take a minute and thank two members of our temporary babysitting staff. 

It’s a special feeling when mother and daughter share the same interests.  It’s even more special when you can take that interest and develop it into a shared work place opportunity.

Marty Hall and her daughter Katie both have a love of kids.  Marty has been working in childcare for over 20 years.  In fact she was the one who introduced childcare to Katie.  In middle school Katie started volunteering in her mom’s classroom!  Now they both work with TLC For Kids, St. Louis’s premiere babysitting agency.

Marty earned her Associates Degree in early childhood education in 1988 and has been a childcare professional every since.  For the last seventeen years she has worked in a daycare/preschool setting where she specializes in working with three year olds.  For the last nine years she has been on the temporary babysitting staff at TLC For Kids.

After spending time in her moms preschool classroom, Katie Hall went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  Currently Katie is working at a St. Louis City head start program.   Starting in 2005 Katie also began working at TLC For Kids.  Like her mom Katie works on the temporary babysitting staff. 

Both mother and daughter enjoy the opportunity to work one-on-one with kids in a home environment.  They enjoy meeting new families but also love getting requested back to their regular families.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!

Newborn Overnight Nannies

Last week I wrote about TLC’s Postpartum Doula’s.  Doula is a Greek term and it means ‘woman who help woman.’  Our Doulas offer support for moms with a newborn.   Typically a doula comes to the home during the day after the birth of the baby and helps mom adjust to being at home with a newborn.

But our Newborn Services don’t end there.  TLC also offers Newborn Overnights for parents.  Newborn overnights allow a mom the opportunity to get a good nights sleep.  (Which I could use even though my kids are 7, 4, and 3!!)  A newborn overnight  nanny can change diapers, prepare bottles, feed, rock and swaddle your baby while you sleep!  If you would like to nurse the baby she will bring you the baby and then take the baby back to bed. 

 Most families request to have an newborn overnight nanny about 4-6 times a week.   Let a TLC newborn overnight nanny help you so you can be your best the next day!

Are you expecting multiples?  Our newborn overnight nannies can help you too.  We specialize in caring for multiples!

Click  to register for a newborn overnight nanny.