Love is in the air…

I just hung up the phone with a TLC nanny who was giving me a job update.  She was really excited to let me know that she was going to be taking her charge and two of her friends on an outing after-school on Tuesday.  They are going to an art studio to paint pottery for their parents as a Valentine’s gift.

I thought her nanny was spot on – crafts are always fun, especially holiday crafts.  It got me thinking of other TLC nannies I know who would be doing fun projects with their charges on Tuesday.  I decided to get in on the fun too 🙂 I’ll be attempting to do some heart shaped baking over the weekend, but click to see the  cute V-Day craft ideas I found online.

Valentine’s Day can be an excuse to be extra nice and show our loved ones’ just how special we think they are!   Next week kids of all ages will be sure to be bitten by the love bug!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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