How to hire a nanny-Trust your instinct.

Almost every Saint Louis parent I talked to about hiring a nanny said the same thing: “I’ve never interviewed someone before. What do I do?”  I always gave the same answer: Trust your instincts. 

When your baby is crying you know why.  You know when your little one is sick before the thermometer tells you.   And when hiring a nanny you will know which one is a good fit.  Always follow your gut. 

Today an email came through my inbox that reminded me of this.  It’s a post a mom made on a blog thread I’m following.  She registered with a competitor’s website looking for a nanny.  Here is part of her story.

“I had a weird feeling about her from the start but, i couldn’t put my finger on it so i figured i was just a nervous mother and hired her. she was with us about a month. long story short, i got off early from work one day and came home unannounced. from the moment i approached the front door i could hear my baby SCREAMING. i walked in a called “hello?” but all i could hear was wailing. i walked upstairs and must have surprised the babysitter becasue she was in another room and said “oh!” and scrambled into my baby’s room. i saw her open the door. the room was pitch black and he was sitting in the middle of the floor crying so hard he was sobbing. she scooped him up and started chatting with me like nothing happened. i asked her why he was crying and she said “oh we were playing peek a boo.” i was shocked.

 PLEASE check ppl out. PLEASE listen to your gut. you are the mother and your gut is never wrong!”


When you interview the right nanny you will know.  Trust yourself.

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