On-line nanny agencies are not as safe as you may think!

Families everywhere are tightening their belts and saving money wherever they can. With the help of the internet, people can do almost everything themselves. For some families that means finding your own nanny or babysitter. Thousands of parents use websites to search for nannies and babysitters. These sites give parents immediate access to sitters in almost every city across the country. But what kind of screening can these low cost websites really provide?

Jordan Liu a 19 year old male was arrested November 22nd on sexual assault charges. He is accused of molesting two young Glendale California boys. Liu was the family’s once-a-month babysitter for almost eight months. The family hired him using sittercity.com. Sittercity.com does an instant background check and cross references the applicants name with state run sex offender’s registry.

While using a web based childcare matching service or Craigslist may be quick it is not the safest option for families. Traditional brick and mortar agencies still provide the best option for families. If you prefer to conduct the search on your own please be aware of the screening promised by the website.

Instant background checks do not cover all jurisdictions. Employers also need to go back to every state and country where the nanny has previously lived and check those records too.

Findthebestnanny.com is the only web based nanny agency that doesn’t subscribe to instant background checks. When employers register with us they understand that we do not screen any of our candidates. How could an agency properly interview, screen, and run background checks on hundreds of candidates instantly

Instead we give the parents the tools and education needed to do the search themselves. And if in the end parents decide that they would like to hire a traditional agency to conduct their search they can use our parent company TLC For Kids, Inc.

Debbie Hipp
Website Director

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