Nanny Gatherings and Playdates – a solution for Nannies in St. Louis!

As the placement counselor at TLC for Kids, Inc. in St. Louis I am often asked by nannies about getting together with other nannies for playdates. After all, don’t I have a great network of nannies in St. Louis? Of course, the answer is yes, TLC has been placing nannies with families since 1985!
The problem I run into is that since TLC has such a wide radius that we place nannies, playgroups can be difficult for me to coordinate.
The last nanny I was working with really wanted to start a playgroup in South County, but she was having a hard time figuring out how to make it work. She definitely did not want all the way drive to University City for a playgroup.  I needed to come up with a way for nannies to freely set these things up together!
And so, the TLC “Meet-up” group was born. This is a group of nannies and sitters who want to get involved with other nannies in their area. Feel free to join and suggest an activity!

Check us out: Follow the prompts and join – it’s free, fast and easy!

Thanks! Have a great week. Jessica

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