CPR training and the nanny

Hello! I’m writing today about a topic that we all know is very important, but it really hit home for me yesterday.  A TLC nanny, who I’ll call JC has been working with a family TLC placed her almost two years ago.

Earlier in the week, she was eating dinner with her charges when the fourteen month old began to choke on a small piece of pizza.  JC immediately reacted and went into what she called “save his life mode” and used her skills from CPR training.  JC was able to dislodge the food from his throat and calmly remedy the situation. JC was relieved to say the least — and I am so glad she shared her story with me.

Being a nanny, you are in charge and responsible for the safety of the children you care for.   Call TLC if you need resources on how or where to renew your CPR training, it might just be the most important thing you do.

Thank you JC, we are grateful for your ability to spring into action and handle the situation so well!

Jessica, TLC for Kids

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