What childcare related questions should I ask when I interview a prospective nanny?

As promised, here are some great childcare related questions that are important for parents who have young children.  When interviewing a nanny, it is important to get to know her childcare philosophy and make sure you both are on the same page.  
TLC nannies are also counseled with this information so that their integration into a family is smooth and successful!


            * Would you pick up my infant every time s/he cries?

            * Taking care of an infant can be isolating.  How would your deal with this aspect of       the job?

            * How would you typically put an infant down to sleep?

            * How do you soothe a crying baby who is not hungry or wet?

            * How often would you take my infant outside?

             * How do you potty train a toddler?

            * How do you react to temper tantrums?

            * What would you do if a child kicks or bites you?

            * Do you have any favorite rainy day activities for toddlers?

            * What indoor and outdoor activities do you do with preschoolers?

            * What TV viewing habits do you allow for a preschooler?  What

               programs do you feel are suitable?

            * What form of discipline do you use with a preschooler?

            * Have you taken any specialized child care courses?

            * How would you handle an emergency?

            * What would you do if the child got sick and had a fever?

Thanks! Jessica

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