What should I ask when I interview a nanny?

I have noticed that lately many parents are asking which questions are appropriate to ask when interviewing a nanny for a permanent position. Whether full-time or part time, TLC for Kids recommends first asking work related questions:

* Why do you want to be a nanny?

* What length of stay or commitment are you looking for?

* What childcare jobs have you held?

* What was your last job? Tell me about what you did.

* How long were you there?

* Why did you leave your last position?

* Tell me about your childcare experience?

* What are your strong points when working with children?

* What do you feel are the most important characteristics in a nanny?

* How do you react when you are upset with a child?

* How would you help my children learn?

* What characteristics are you looking for in a family?

* How do you feel about combining housework with childcare?

* What difficulties have you faced and how did you resolve them?

* What are your salary and benefit requirements?

* Ask for childcare employers’ references.
Stay tuned for Childcare related questions to ask! Also, I am always interested in St. Louis’ families who have different questions that they feel are important.
Good luck, and I welcome your feedback too!

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