Nannies stay cool in St. Louis!

It seems we are definitely in full swing of summer in St. Louis and boy, it’s hot! Now especially, it’s important to remember to put on sunscreen, pack the bug spray and watch the weather when you are taking your charges anywhere outdoors in St. Louis.
I recently had a TLC family ask, “what kind of indoor activities are there for my children, if I don’t want them only at the pool or outside this summer?” 
To this I simply reply that St. Louis has a myriad of activities (INDOOR) that are fun, inexpensive or even free and a great way to beat the heat!
Some of these include the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Science Center, both interactive and educational. For a small fee, take children to the Magic House (Kirkwood) or to the top of the St. Louis Arch (Downtown)! Become a tourist in your own city and grab an ice cream cone from Ted Drewes on the way home! 
Just a few tips — nannies, feel free to leave a comment and share some more cool ideas

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